How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Well, I’m not dead, pregnant, or carrying a new strain of chlamydia, so that’s something.

I’ve not only been absent writing, but I haven’t really had men between my legs in forever. Forever to me is over a month.

That changed Friday night.


It was almost exactly like this. Except I'm not fit, black, or able to dance.

While I want to tell the good and bad stories about my sex life (because I have awesome tales), I need to be present in writing as I am with life. Deep, right? Only a randomly generated e-mail from Twitter on suggestions for who you should follow listing two men you were all head over heels for can make a girl take out a box of wine and cry over horribly filtered instagram photos that showed up on Twitter….Anyways. It doesn’t matter who these men are, but I realized that I need to not live so much in the past or worry so much about 5 years from now.

Over two months ago I made the greatest decision ever: take out my IUD. I had only had it for two years, but in those two years I was always feeling self conscious about accidental bleeding after sex. It happened so often that I would warn men that there was most likely going to be blood after sex. Two men really got off to role playing I was their naughty little virgin girl. Cool story, until it was acted out. At the beginning of July I had the “longest strings” of an iud professionally unlodged from the lining of my uterus. Cramps. All. Damn. Day. I was already taking the pill and thought I was good to go. Guess who is super emotional during her period while on the pill? This girl. So, I’m back to my dear friend, the robot vagina ring; Nuva Ring.

I am finally set on family planning for Catherine and I. Aka, no family.


Fuck you, baby

So, how did the Daring Vagina get her groove back? By fucking the most generous lover, Lil Houston Boyfriend. (He’s “lil” because there is a “big” that I’ll eventually touch on. One day.)

It wasn’t LHB’s first rodeo with me, but it was the first one blood free with him. For being 21 (that’s right, he’s an inexperienced, hot, eager to please, swimmer’s bod type of guy), he was and is perfect for me. We met in May and both of us love the exclusivity and ability to not over think our fwb relationship. I’ll eventually write about how we met and all that, but, living in the present.

I had a volunteer event Saturday and decided I could come in the night before if LHB wanted to meet up for a night of fun and to test my robot vagina ring out. I had a work event Friday with dogs, and once I was done, I booked it there. Or close enough to that. Never had I been so sleepy; I struggled to get the gasoline nozzle to fit in this Focus, so I smelt of gasoline from spilling it on me, I hadn’t been eating or drinking anything during the day, and seeing people for work exhausts me. Telling Lil Houston Boyfriend I needed caffeine, he offered to bring me an energy drink. When I finally saw him at 11:30–after two showers that wouldn’t get all of the gasoline smell off–I don’t know if I was more excited for sex or the energy drink.

LHB is in charge of the music for our time together; his taste is interesting compared to mine. There is more R&B and electronic music, but honestly I love knowing he has a playlist called “Houston Girlfriend” that I can play. Much like every memorable time with Lil Houston Boyfriend, we had about 25 minutes of devoted foreplay. This includes kissing, heavy petting, and teasing. This does not include his historical, record holding time between my legs with just his mouth. He knows I can’t cum from oral, but if the good Lord gives your partner a love of licking pussy, you let that man do the alphabet ten plus times on your clit. He isn’t just attentive to Catherine, but he lightly bites at my inner thighs and loves when I grab on the back of his head when he’s doing a fantastic job. At this point, I was completely naked while he had his plaid boxers on. He kissed his way up to my lips so I could taste myself on his tongue still.

And this is when the teasing from hell began.

While still wearing his boxers, he thrusted his hips slowly into me just enough that I could feel how hard he was and so the head of his cock could tease my clit. I wiggled enough under him, scratching up his back like a feral cat in heat, that he finally pinned me under him. I constantly moaned; I wanted–nay, I needed his cock in me immediately. I pushed my hips up into him, causing his boxers to become soaked because of Catherine’s excitement. I pulled on his bottom lip excessively, causing him to look down at me and my pleading eyes. Knowing it isn’t nice to over tease me, he got off me and slid out of his boxers. I pushed him to lay down on his back as I made my way down to his cock.

Not to be greedy from earlier, I happily went down on him. LHB is not only a tall ginger, he’s slim, carries his 6 pack well, and his cock is near perfect for me; it’s too long for me to deepthroat without practice and thick enough that it feels amazing when he first enters me. LHB isn’t very aggressive or firm in bed, but he will hold onto my hair when I give him head. I concentrated first on just the head–I teased with just the tip of my tongue before sucking on it. I am rarely ever comfortable enough to look a man in the eyes while giving head, but I do for LHB; it’s fulfilling to see his eyes roll to the back of his head and hear him tell me “that feels so good” or “that’s amazing.” What can I say, I’m an only child and I love praise.


Hells yes I do

It didn’t take long before Lil Houston Boyfriend was ready; after letting his cock fall out of my mouth, he lightly pulled me up to him while leaning forwards to kiss me. I laid down next to him, continuing to kiss him while he got on top of me. He teased both sets of my lips as I pushed my hips up into his. I moaned into his mouth as he entered me. Did I mention it had been awhile since I had a penis in me? It was amazing. With how wet I was, he was able to push inside me as far as he could and filled Catherine. Dare I say again, it was amazing. He started out slow and built up speed, thrust length, and the overall intensity of it while in missionary. He moved my legs around to get different angles, and I scratched his back like no one’s business when I could.

Wanting to try a new position for us, he went with something like the pretzel dip.


Paint me like one of your French girls!...with orange as the only color used.

He didn’t last that long before wanting to move to another position. Asking me to scoot to the bed, I figured he was ready to cum. So, after my ten scooting fails led to me standing up so I could sit on the edge of the bed, I asked him to get my vibrator for me. I have never actually cum at the same time as a man. First time for everything! I told LHB I was going to cum, and he met my orgasm with his own. After resting for a minute I got up; it took not even two minutes of standing to feel all the cum dripping down my thighs.


At least there wasn’t blood.


Thank goodness I didn't have to make this cake for the 70th time.

After a quick shower, I joined him in bed . It was only shy of 3am. Once getting in bed, I sighed and told him we didn’t cuddle, to which he replied by pulling me close with his arm, kissing my temple. LHB is a rare breed. He doesn’t even mind my sleeping habits, especially when I violently kick off sheets every couple of hours because I don’t realize I have a bed buddy. I had a restless night, so every 90 minutes or so I’d wake up, kick blankets off, realize I had a bed buddy, pull them back up, and casually snuggle with him. At about 7:30, I was half awake while Lil Houston Boyfriend was fully awake and obviously horny. It didn’t take long before he was playing with my clit to get me wet. To summarize: I had amazing morning sex that led to a hungry bed partner.

We enjoyed breakfast and then parted ways. But not forever; I feel as though my shy bed buddy isn’t really done with me yet.


The Daring Vagina

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