Replacing Tony Stark

For those of you that know, Tony Stark is my great white buffalo, or basically the one that got away.


We all have that one Great White Buffalo

I mentally know I could never replace what I had with anyone sexually, but my vagina doesn’t know that. Catherine is a needy princess that wants someone to treat her how Tony Start did; not just with amazing sex, but I wanted a man to take on that Dominant Daddy to my little girl (or DD/lg for those in the know.)

I met Fickle Daddy on Tinder before Christmas; my partner was out of town and I had just recently rejoined the Tinder world. I matched with Fickle Daddy (FD) early Monday morning and we talked all day–literally all day–and being lonely and overly horny made me want to speed up the whole interview process. While talking to FD, we talked about fantasies and I went on a tangent on how much I love the DD/lg relationship. Needless to say, he was more than intrigued. While at work, he looked up what seemed to be everything to deal with DD/lg. I have never met someone so excited about what thrills me the most in bed. Having no one to come home to (other than my dog), I invited FD to have drinks with me. FD was upfront beforehand that he didn’t have money for drinks, and I had no problem being the sugar mama for happy hour. 


Just call me Mama Warbucks

We met at a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant where I became very aware that he honestly was out of my league. Aperiodic Daddy was 23 (almost 5 years my junior), tall (over 6’3), brown hair and eyes, incredibly lanky, and with exciting facial hair. I wasn’t expecting someone his age to have his life so put together (besides having no money for drinks, but a steady job and goals more than makes up for that.) With my experience, most men under 25 that say they’re on board with a friends with benefits situation is because they don’t want to date; FD didn’t want to have trust issues after his last relationship, which I was incredibly sympathetic to. I don’t want a side boyfriend; it’s enough work to make my partner happy, I don’t have enough emotional energy for a boyfriend. 

Back to the story!

FD was more than charming and captivating; he was exactly what I wanted in my bed that night. However, a volleyball game stood between me and fucking him, and not just any game, but a tournament. I convinced him to come home with me, let me change, and come to my game. Long story short, I threw that volleyball game and didn’t try to save the baddies and their horrible play. I have no guilty conscious over it; my good teammates weren’t even there, so my level of care was a zero. Aperiodic Daddy did enjoy the volleyball shorts, though. Once in my house, I went to take a shower and invited AD to join me. He suggested a bath, so I filled the bathtub. Have I mentioned that I’m a casually a bit bigger? Like, a size 18 women’s in US, which means I have huge thunder thighs, a big ass, and fabulous boobs. Well, the comical way of getting into a standard tub together caused me to get a fun scratch on my back.


Just let me take this whole bath alone. Will take pointers

We eventually settled on a shower together. He was incredibly touchy feely, and I loved it. FD alternated between giving attention to each of my boobs, sucking on them while the water ran down my head. Hottest. Shower. Ever. It took convincing to get AD out of the shower, but once he was, we made out like teenagers in bed. Granted, he was fairly close to being a teenager, but that’s just a coincidence. 

Fickle Daddy is an amazing kisser; he was tender, caressing, and used his hands like the most experienced lover. I was beside myself with how wonderful he was. When he had enough of making out, FD said “I can’t stand it anymore,” and climbed on top of me after putting on a condom. His cock was thick in all the right places, and a perfect to me 7 inches. It was heaven having him inside of me; I was in ecstasy without even needing to cum. We changed positions regularly until he said he needed to stop because he was light headed. FD had mentioned earlier that he was hypoglycemic, and then told me he hadn’t eaten since lunch. Being the incredibly caring individual I am, I made him lay down and immediately went into nurturing mode. I not only brought him food, I made him eat it, feeding it to him in the most adorable way possible. While he was recuperating, we watched a movie on Netflix, and I casually led a trail of kisses up and down his forearm and his shoulder. FD let me know I was turning him on by not only calling me “little one,” but by pulling me on top of him. I teased him more by leaving a trail of kisses down his chest and then finally showcasing my lack of gag reflex for him. He complimented me before pulling me up to him, taking my chin in his hand, kissing me deeply as he positioned himself between my legs. 

While I never came with him, I had never felt so cared for during sex in such a long time. FD cuddled with me with no intention of wanting more sex, but because that’s what a good daddy does to his little girl. I spent the next two hours cuddling with him, leaving me wanting even more. We made plans to meet the next night. It didn’t happen, sadly. I was honestly saddened by it; not because I missed the sex, but because I missed that intimacy level with someone. 

FD then disappeared. Granted, it was christmas, but texting someone back isn’t that time consumming. So, I moved on (as we can read with West Point.) I did see him again two weeks later, very unexpectdly. FD texted me the Tuesday after seeing West Point (and literally mere hours before I was to meet someone else) about being in the area. He found my place without my help, and it didn’t take him long, like before, to say that our making out in bed led him to “I can’t take this anymore” and kissed me passionately as he entered me. It was quick, but we both were on a time crunch. He only had one in him that afternoon, but he had no time constraint on kissing or cuddling with me. FD would tenderly kiss my head while pulling me closer to him. We watched did the reverse of Netflix and chill where Netflix came after sex.


When he had to leave, I dressed in my sleep clothes so that once he left I could clean myself up better before my next guest of the day came over.

Lesson learned: why can’t I find a dominant daddy that has more time for me, and specifically Catherine? Also, always have snacks for the hypoglycemic lover.


The Daring Vagina

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